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2014 - Booth to Bottle - 2023

Our Mission

Erva Brew Co. aims to honor tradition, foster community connection, and support mindfulness, bridging the gap between the Americas by sharing the yerba mate culture of South America. 

Why Mate?

ERVA Drawing of our ERVA booth at Coachella. ERVACHELLA

The legendary “drink of the Gods,” yerba mate has been delighting people for centuries.  With joy and friendship flowing in every pour, sharing yerba mate is a time-honored tradition that lies at the heart of South American culture. From the very first sip, you'll be transported to a world of lively conversations and lifelong adventure. So whether you’re sipping from a bottle, a cup, or a gourd, call your pals, and let's toast to history and camaraderie with every delicious drop of this wonderful beverage!

Our Story

Step into the vibrant world of Erva, a flavor-filled adventure that started at Los Angeles farmers’ markets back in 2014! Over the years, the input of guests helped craft the unique flavor profiles of the bottles you can now find in stores, while inspiring a mouthwatering vault of original recipe ideas that are now on regular rotation at our Pasadena bar. Erva’s signature blends have won hearts and palates at music festivals all over the country and now, it's time to enjoy the magic right at home. So buckle up, flavor explorers, because with Erva, every sip is an adventure that's just as unique as you are! Let the fun begin!

Our Blends

ERVA's three flavors / blends : Gogo Ginger, Passion Play and Move Mint
ERVA At The Bar - Discover our Bar Menu
Our Blends
In a Bottle (ERVA)

Our Bar

2377 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena

Wednesday - Sunday (9am - 5pm)

Opening in the summer of 2020, Erva’s Yerba Mate Bar serves as a beautiful, energizing oasis for mate devotees and newbies alike. Guests get to experience the herb in a variety of ways, from a traditional gourd session to an iced agave mate latte. Small bites inspired by the street food culture of South America make it a great place to take a beat and recharge in the middle of a busy day, or a fun bar experience to enjoy with friends on the weekends.

Come sip with us!

Erva Bar
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