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ERVA Cold Brewed Yerba Mate - Gogo Ginger
ERVA Cold Brewed Yerba Mate - Passion Play (Passion Fruit)
ERVA Cold Brewed Yerba Mate - Move Mint
What kind of Erva are you?
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All flavors / blends of Erva : Passion Play, GoGo Ginger and Move Mint
ERVA Photo of model holding a Move Mint bottle
ERVA Model drinking a GoGo Ginger

We’ll be out in the field. Left of the stage. Absolutely losing ourselves to the music. That’s about where Erva Brew Co. started. Serving yerba mate in the moment, lifting the momentum of the crowd. Mate is that feeling for us. It’s a collective pulse. It lifts us to be our best selves, so we can set and rise together.


Our cold brewed yerba mate is that refreshing energy. With more caffeine than tea and slightly less than coffee, one bottle will pick you up and won’t let you down. Using organic herbs and fresh-pressed fruits and roots, our cold-brewed process delivers an incredibly delicious beverage unlike any you’ve had before. 


Whether you try us in a bottle, at our bar, or at an event, you’ll love how it makes you feel! 

ERVA Model holding a Gogo Ginger and Passion Play bottles
Sunrises to Sunsets ERVA - Discover our story
ERVA Booth to Bottle (2014 - 2023)
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