Where It Stems From

While on the hunt for a good cup of coffee, co-founder Tiffany Scalia’s friend stops her in her tracks, and proclaims “I have something that’s gonna’ fix you.” It’s the morning of Day 3 at Rothbury Music Festival in Rothbury, Michigan, and after working two 20-hour days of pizza-slinging, Tiffany doesn’t question the foreign metal straw that he has suddenly stuck in front of her face. She takes a sip and to her relief, finds out that she’s just had her first sip of yerba mate. She’ll come to realize, as did the other two founders (Ryan Beaucher and Juan Rivera), a newfound energy. To say she’s hooked would be an understatement.

Fast forward and 99 Potatoes is born; a big-vision, cooperatively run, festival catering company, striving for good-for-you, wholesome, farm-to-festival meals. In addition to these meals, they want to offer something that would rejuvenate the festival-goer. It needs to be refreshing in the heat, but also energizing for the late-night DJ. After all, who goes to festivals to sleep? That is where the Erva journey begins.

After tinkering around in the kitchen, they settle on the perfect festival brew, Ginger Mate Limeade. This signature drink is added to their menu and it develops an almost cult-like following at every festival they step foot in. Finishing the festival circuit that year, they need to figure out what is next for 99 Potatoes and their recent discovery.

When lining up a weekly gig at a brand new farmers’ market in DTLA, the team is quick to decide what would be best to offer to LA’s eclectic pop up culinary scene. There is an obvious stand out and it’s very clear what the sole focus should be.

Years later, Erva Brew Co. finds itself at multiple farmer’s markets throughout Southern California, on tap at specialty groceries in Los Angeles, popping up at new events every week, and at its own Mate Bar in DTLA’s Chinatown. Erva continues to work towards shedding a positive light on yerba mate culture, stronger sustainability practices, and bringing a healthy uplifting product to you with a smile!