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Lavender Lemon


A seasonal blend that worked its way into a spot on the rotation, Lavender Lemon is a perfect balance between sweet and tart. The calming effect of the lavender complements the energizing effects of the mate to leave you feeling refreshed and alert.


Ginger Lime


Our original flavor, Ginger Lime made its debut at Sasquatch, Bumbershoot, Electric Forest,  and Bonnaroo in the summer of 2012. It’s got a nice spicy zing from the organic fresh pressed ginger, but isn’t too sweet. This one helps your body assimilate the nutrients from the yerba mate, keeping you working or dancing all day long!


Hibiscus Lemon

Hibiscus (1).jpg

Inspired by the aguas frescas of LA, the Hibiscus Lemon is just a little more tart than the other flavors, and has about half the amount of caffeine. This blend will perk you up without being too much of a “tea.” Even non-tea-drinkers love it!

Moroccan Mint


Our Moroccan Mint boasts just three organic ingredients: spearmint leaves, peppermint leaves, and yerba mate. Great on its own, the mint has a wonderful cooling effect and a refreshing finish. This unsweetened blend also acts as a great base to mix with any of the other flavors if you want something a little less sweet.


Strawberry Lime


Strawberry Lime was created to please those looking for a sweet refreshment that would give them some energy. A puree of organic farmers’ market strawberries, a touch of lime juice, and our cold-brewed yerba mate results in a just sweet enough pick-me-up!


Seasonal Blend


We are always cookin’ up something new and while we try to base our flavors on what’s in season at the farmers’ market, sometimes ideas just come from daily inspirations.

Past seasonal blends include:

Blackberry Basil
Watermelon Lavender
Apple Mint
Vanilla Clove
Watermelon Mint
Tamarind Lime
Pineapple Rosemary